Client Philosophy

Helping new technology companies focus on emerging markets

Provide value and quality through reduced business risk and personalized solutions.

Guiding a company through the uncharted waters of a new technological market.
    This requires being skilled in the art of informed intuition, determining what customers in a market need even without good statistical evidence, and most often before most of them know what they really need. We focus on doing what is possible, not necessarily on what is easy, based on input from the pioneer customers, research on competitive technologies and where the company is positioned versus competitors. 

Overseeing the development, design and manufacture of successful new technology systems.
    We emphasize providing reliable systems designed to practical specifications, both technical and economic. We work with the customer to balance all the important capabilities in making that decision including, reliability, maintainability, supplier characteristics, short and long term costs, customer capabilities, and the best source to provide a good business solution. We coach the technical people through the integration of the system into the manufacturing situation and work to make the key people involved knowledgeable enough so they can successfully operate the system.

Transitioning an enterprise from a pioneer market to profitability in emerging and mature markets.
    This transition is the key challenge when new technology has viable applications in many fast-moving, widely-different markets. Over time many of these markets transition from pioneer markets, where only a few experimental systems can be sold each year, to mature markets with annual sales of thousands of systems and customers understanding exactly where the technology fits in their manufacturing process.


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